“The exhibition is an intimate study of family, especially female bonds and relationships. Patricia Hurl and Therry Rudin have been engaged in the process of visually documenting their own aging processes through painting, drawing and lens-based media. Through this research, they began to look at relationships and included other women who were close to them, eventually focusing on Patricia and her two sisters and Patricia’s recent research on the mitochondria.

Mitochondrial DNA, often referred to as the’ Eve Factor’. Is carried exclusively through the female line from mothers to daughters and connects potentially unlimited generations of women.

While Patricia focuses on exploring the connection between herself, her mother and sisters through painting , Therry observes that observation , and at the same time seeks to illuminate the inter – relationships between all involved.

Patricia Hurl and Therry have an interconnected practice, they work individually but in tandem, drawing strength from each other and responding to each other’s work with immediacy and honesty.  I am personally very interested in how Patricia and Therry work together. The image is one of oscillation rather than collaboration – the work evolves in the space between the two artists and taken together, it offers multiple perspectives on ideas of connectedness, relationship, memory and loss.”

Ann Davoren, Director, West Cork Arts Centre.