Patricia Hurl, originally from Dublin, now lives and works in Silverbarn Studios, Ballybritt, Co. Offaly.

Her work is of its nature political, drawing her influences from the Feminist Artists / Activists in the 60’s /70’s and 80’s. 

Originally a painter, in the last few years she has begun to collaborate with Artist/Filmmaker, Therry Rudin.  Their practice has developed into Performance /Film which has helped sustain them during Covid 19, as they returned to working on their on-going body of performance/video/ texts on of subject of folk narrative. 

As Patricia she gets older her work deals with the issues of isolation and loneliness, often associated with ageing. 

Recently she has gone back to using her sewing machine, the buzzing of which, was the soundtrack of her life. She is determined that this medium, most often associated with women at home, can be used as powerfully as Painting.  

Patricia Hurl Curriculum Vitae

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